El Pueblo in the Media: 2016

December 2016

This month, El Pueblo participated in the 10th annual No Room at the Inn Press Conference, hosted by the NAACP to highlight the need for access to in-state tuition for undocumented students and featured guest speakers from students and teachers alike, including staff member Jorge Ramos.  We also opened up registration for our next empowerment group, which will begin on January 18th.  Check these stories out as well as our monthly column with La Conexión below!

No Room at the Inn

La Noticia, La Conexión, WRAL

PARE Registration

La Noticia, Que Pasa, La Conexión

Monthly Column in La Conexión


November 2016

With the immigrant community facing uncertainty going into 2017, El Pueblo hosted a post-election workshop to provide information on the civic process and what community members can do to protect themselves and their families in the coming year.  There was also some positive news to share throughout the month, including the passing of the Wake County Transit Referendum, improving public transportation for years to come.  We also had our very own, Iliana Santillán, being recognized by her alma mater NC State as an Outstanding Young Alumni.  Check out these stories and more below!

Post-Election Meeting: Public News ServiceLa ConexiónLa Noticia, Univisión

El Pueblo Column in La Conexión

Phonebanking campaign: WRAL, ABC11, Univisión

Wake County Transportation Referendum: Que Pasa

Iliana Santillán Young Alumni Award: NCSU.edu, La Conexión


October 2016

Whether it was by knocking on doors or calling registered voters during our phone banking campaign, the staff at El Pueblo stayed busy all throughout the month of October.  In partnership with our friends at Common Cause NC and Democracy North Carolina, we helped create a statewide voter guide, the first ever to be bilingual in North Carolina.  We also had staffers and volunteers at key events across Wake County to register eligible voters in time for the November Elections. You can read all of these stories below, including our vigil held in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Phone Banking

Voter Registration Campaign

2016 Voter Guide

Vigil for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

September 2016

September was yet another busy and productive month for El Pueblo.  We continued our voter registration efforts, knocking on doors and attending local cultural festivals to sign up eligible voters.   Our most recent group of students from P.A.R.E. enjoyed their graduation ceremony earlier this month.  Lastly, La Fiesta del Pueblo 2016 was a great success, attracting nearly 23,000 visitors to downtown Raleigh on Fayetteville Street.  Check out the coverage from local press, including sponsors like ABC11, La Conexion, and more! 

Voter Registration

P.A.R.E. Graduation

La Fiesta del Pueblo 2016

·         ABC11

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o   Food vendor story

o   Food recipe story

o   TV commercial

o   9/20/16 promo

o   9/24/16 promo

·         NC State Technician

o   9/22/16

o   9/26/16

·         Raleigh News and Observer

o   Take 5

o   Story on Fiesta

·         La Conexión

·         La Noticia

o   Music of Fiesta

o   Story on Fiesta


August 2016

This month, El Pueblo began its voter registration drive to increase turnout within the Latinx community for the upcoming election, hiring several organizers to conduct outreach and register eligible residents.  Several prominent media outlets were in attendance for our first group training for our new organizers.  We were also very excited to be part of the Raleigh MAIN Events press conference early this month, designed to promote all the great events happening in downtown Raleigh during the month of September.  You can see all of this and more below, including a BBC Radio story featuring El Pueblo members Jorge, Giorgina and Irma Ramos!

Voter Registration event:

El Pueblo HB 2 Column, La Conexión

BBC Radio Story on the 14th Amendment

Raleigh MAIN event press conference:


July 2016

As the most recent legislative session came to an end, the immigrant community was able to breathe a sigh of relief, as a series of regressive bills designed to nullify use of the highly successful FaithAction ID’s were unable to pass the General Assembly in time for the July 1st deadline.  While we remain enthusiastic about the “death” of such dangerous bills, it is important to note that we must remain vigilant in the coming months for further attacks against our community.  Read these stories below, as well as several articles featuring members of El Pueblo speaking on the Supreme Court decision on DAPA/DACA late last month.

Coverage on the Death of HB 100:

La Conexion (S)

Que Pasa  (S)

More stories on the Supreme Court decision on DACA/DAPA:

NC Policy Watch (E)

Que Pasa (S)


La Conexion article on local protests against police brutality (S)


June 2016

We were honored to have WRAL speak with PARE graduate Elizabeth Mejia on the Supreme Court decision on the expansion of DACA and DAPA, and how it would have benefitted her family and hundreds of thousands of others across the country.  You can read the stories below, as well as our statements and coverage on immigrant-related legislation in North Carolina, such as HB 1069 and SB 868.

WRAL story on DACA/DAPA Decision

La Noticia Story on DACA/DAPA and the Ramos family

La Noticia story on HB 1069 and SB 868

Progressive Pulse releases El Pueblo Statement on HB 1069

May 2016

May saw us beginning our registration process for La Fiesta del Pueblo, where businesses, food trucks and non profits can sign up to take part in the biggest fiesta of the year.  We also participated in several community events, including a community forum with Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison on Bringing FaithAction ID's to our community, as well as taking part in the UnDOCUgraduation ceremony, where high school students lobbied their local representatives for access to in-state college tuition for undocumented students.  All of this and more can be seen below!

Fiesta registration:

La Conexión (S), La Noticia (S)


Community Forum with Sheriff Harrison

WNCN (E)ABC11 (E)Indy Week (E)News & Observer (E)QuePasa (S), La Noticia (S)La Conexión (S)Univisión (S)



Diario las Americas (S)Agencia EFE (S)Telemundo Atlanta (S), ABC11 (E)WNCN (E)TWC (E)Univisión (S)QuéPasa (S)La Conexión (S)



April 2016

April saw El Pueblo taking part in several key events throughout the month.  The first was the graduation of our most recent class of students of our women's empowerment group P.A.R.E.  Next, we hosted a press conference with our friends in Imigrantes Unidos, Si a Las Licencias, HendFACT, and Comite Popular Somos Raleigh to demonstrate support for President Obama's Executive Action on DACA and DAPA.  We prepared for the "Latinos in the Legislature" event on Monday, April 25th, where volunteers could visit the state General Assembly and meet their representatives.  All of this and more can be re-visited using the links below!

Coverage of DACA/DAPA Press Conference:

ABC11 (E), WRAL (E), WNCN (E), TWC 14 (E), Univision (S), La Noticia (S), Public News Service (E)


La Conexion (S) story on PARE Graduation

Qué Pasa (S) article on "Latinos in the Legislature"

La Noticia (S) story on El Pueblo volunteers getting ready for "Latinos in the Legislature"



March 2016

This month, El Pueblo was proud to send its youth once again to Washington, DC for NCLR Youth Advocacy Days.  This year, dubbed the "Latino Voter Summit," students had the opportunity to meet with other like-minded youth from across the country, lead and participate in trainings, then be able to meet with legislators and advocate on behalf of their most important issues, such as DACA and access to in-state tuition for undocumented students.  

We also worked with the media on a wide range of news stories and issues, including Univision's coverage on the growing importance of the Latino vote in NC, as well as our Executive Director being featured on NBC News #31Days of Femenism.  Check out all the links below!

WRAL (E), Qué Pasa (S) stories on the house of José Ramirez being vandalized.

Qué Pasa (S) story on HB 2 protests, featuring William Saenz and Tito Ramos.

El Pueblo’s Monthly Column (S) discussing our trip to NCLR Advocacy Days in Washington, DC.

La Conexión (S) article on NCLR Advocacy Days.

Univisión (S) story on the growing importance of the Latino vote in North Carolina.

Facing South (E) story on the youth Latino vote in NC, featuring Pueblo Power members Ruben Suarez and Angie Cadena.

ABC11 Heart of Carolina Perspectives (E) interview with William Saenz and Pueblo Power graduate Karla Salgado.

NBC News (E) interview w/ Angeline Echeverria for #31Days of Femenism.


February 2016

This month, El Pueblo was a proud partner with the NAACP and its allies in the planning of the 10th Anniversary of “Historic Thousands on Jones Street,” or HKonJ.  There, we braved the cold alongside nearly 10,000 supporters, marching in solidarity with each of the issues on display, including Medicaid expansion, Voting Rights, immigration reform, and many others.  You can read some of the coverage on the historic event below.

WRAL (E) .WNCN (E)News & Observer (E)ABC 11 (E)The Progressive Pulse (E), La Conexión (S)Qué Pasa (S), La Noticia (S)


January 2016

In response to the immigration raids targeting Central Americans, Si a Las Licencias, Hendfact, and El Pueblo organized a vigil last week outside the Wake County Detention Center in Raleigh, asking attendees to bring dolls and white balloons to represent the children who are currently facing deportation. Other notable events in the media include our commenting on the Supreme Court hearing the case for President Obama’s Executive Action on immigration, and a story by Univisión 40 on our women’s empowerment group.  You can also read our monthly column with La Conexión, where we talk about El Pueblo’s plans to take action throughout the year in order to prevent families from being separated. 

Coverage of Vigil:

WRAL (E)Univisión 40 (S)WNCN (E)TWC 14 (E)ABC 11 (E)Que Pasa (S)

WNCN story on the Supreme Court taking on President Obama’s Executive Action (E)

Univisión 40 segment on P.A.R.E (S).

El Pueblo’s monthly column with La Conexión (S).


December 2015

December was another busy month for El Pueblo.  With the December 3rd court date for the six demonstrators who performed civil disobedience outside the Governor’s Mansion last October, we helped organize a press conference outside the Wake County Justice Center.  Later that day, several of the defendants and allies made a trip to the Wake County Detention Center to interrupt the I.C.E. Steering Committee Hearing that was taking place.  We received a considerable amount of coverage for both the events and the individuals that took part in these actions, all of which you can read below.

TV Coverage of Press Conference and ICE disruption:

WRAL (E)ABC11 (E)WNCN (E)Time Warner Cable News (E)The Progressive Pulse (E)

Newspaper Coverage:

Indy Week (E)Qué Pasa (S)La Noticia (S)La Conexión (S)


The Progressive Pulse (E)

W-UNC Story by Jorge Valencia on activist and El Pueblo volunteer Carmen Rodriguez (E).

News & Observer publication of Ivanna Gonzalez’s op-ed on civil disobedience (E).

Daily Kos blog on Carmen’s op-ed (E).


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