Are you undocumented or a DACA student?  Do you believe in education for all? 

Join us on Thursday, June 7th for the 6th annual Undocugraduation to recognize the students in our state locked out of higher education and demand that our representatives pass tuition equity in North Carolina! 
Undocugraduation is an annual event with the purpose of recognizing all DACAmented & undocumented students in NC that are denied equal access to higher education. 

The schedule for the day is below: 

9am: Welcome & lobby training
10:15am: Meet with legislators
11:45am: Undocugraduation Ceremony
12:30pm: Lunch (off site)
1:30pm: Youth Encuentro
3:00pm: Closing

Visit the Facebook page for more information!

Access to adequate oral care is a struggle for low-income and undocumented communities in North Carolina, and has far-reaching consequences.  Join us at the General Assembly at 9am for a day of advocacy for expansion of Medicaid and increased access to oral care in our state.  Click here for more details.

Photo of adult leaders at the General Assembly earlier this year.

Visit El Pueblo's office on Monday, May 21st for a Know Your Rights and Power of Attorney session, featuring attorney Kate Woomer-Deters of the NC Justice Center.  Food and childcare will be provided.  Visit the Facebook event page for more information!


Picture of Angeline Echeverría helping to facilitate a previous know your rights training

Make your voice heard and VOTE in the NC Primaries!  Polls are open from 6:30am to 7:30pm, and you cannot be denied the right to vote if you are already in line.  Visit NCVOTER.ORG for voting locations and nonpartisan candidate info.  

On Monday, April 23rd, visit El Pueblo for our annual Open House, where visitors can meet our staff, learn about our daily work, and how to get involved in programs for both youth and adults.  The event will last from 5:30 to 8:00pm, light appetizers will be provided.


George Lozano, Open House 2014

What is it like to live in a time where your identity and history are held against you? Join El Pueblo leaders as they share their stories and poems to tell you about their experiences about being undocumented, the impact of the rescission of DACA and TPS, and living in the current political climate. The event will take place on Friday, March 16th, at Wicked Witch, 416 W. South St, Raleigh, NC from 7 pm to 10 pm. We are asking for suggested donation of $3 to support our DC trip. We hope you join us for this meaningful experience.

A $30 gift card to The Cortez Seafood + Cocktail will be raffled off for those who donate inside.

Click here for the Facebook event.


Flyer for Death of DREAMS Rally on March 6th at 11:30 outside of Senator Tillis' office in downtown Raleigh

From the FB event page:

Incredibly, the situation of DACA recipients continues to deteriorate despite the fact that 70% of Americans support a bill which would keep them in the country.  Further, the Supreme Court just rules that immigrants can be detained indefinitely without due process.  This is a crucial time for us to stand up for our values as Americans and stand in solidarity with DREAMers and their parents.  Please call and email members of COngress and please come to this rally if you can.  #HeretoStay #TuesdaysWithTillis



Logo for the Stop State Bill 145 letter writing event, presented by Trey Roberts.

SB-145 is an anti-immigrant bill that would violate one's privacy rights and open the door for the state police to act as immigration officials. It would also take away funding for any local government that is violating immigration laws (sanctuary cities). Sanctuary cities are illegal in North Carolina, which means that any anonymous tip (which we will be allowed to do under this new bill) will be investigated with the waste of NC tax paying dollars. This is only part of the new proposed bill that will set out to create a blanket of fear in the undocumented community. 

You can find more here:

On February 8th, Trey RobertsEl Pueblo, Inc.ACLU of North Carolina,andTIPS- This Is Proper Service will partner up on a city wide letter writing event. The event will take place over the course of one day with rotating schedules amongst local businesses in the downtown area. The concept is that for the day, our volunteers will shift amongst downtown's blossoming local businesses and set of letter writing stations for people to visit and write a letter to their representatives regarding SB-145.

The list of businesses and times TBA.

From the Event Page's description, courtesy of Tuesdays With Tillis:

The federal government has shut down because Trump ended DACA and now most Democrats and some Republicans refuse to vote for a budget which does not renew DACA. This is not a partisan issue. 80% of Americans want it to be renewed. Republicans (and Trump) are characterizing the DREAMers as "illegal immigrants" and are blaming the shutdown on the Democrats even though there is a bipartisan solution that McConnell refuses to bring to the floor. 
DACA is the great moral issue of our time. Last Tuesday, we were once again deeply moved by the young DREAMERS who came to speak and march and sing with us. We want to continue to mobilize support for a clean Dream act and let Senator Tillis know how much we care about this. There is urgency now because 122 young people every day lose their citizenship protection which means they lose their ability to work or plan for their future. Meanwhile, over 350 of them serve in the armed forces. Please join us and stand with these beautiful young people who are our future. If you can't join us this week, come any week, same time and same place, to let Senator Tillis know that his votes in the Senate do not represent you.
"#cleandreamactnow #heretostay




From Tuesdays With Tillis: 

"Senator Tillis seems to have moved away from his commitment to a bipartisan bill, and the president's position is incomprehensible.  Meanwhile, 122 young people lose their citizenship protection every single day which means they can no longer work, go to school, or plan for their future.  Similarly, protection has been taken away from immigrants from Haiti and El Salvador, not to mention the obscene Muslim ban.  We will gather to stand up for our vision of America, which is a nation of immigrants, and demand a Clean Dream Act now."


Group of protesters in downtown Raleigh, standing up in support for a Clean DREAM Act.


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