NC Legislative Updates

April 27th was the crossover deadline in the NC Legislature. The “crossover” deadline is the last day for a bill to pass from the chamber in which it originated to the other chamber. The bills that move to the other chamber before the deadline are the bills that will be considered for the rest of the legislative session, and the bills that don’t are considered to be “dead”; however, if a bill that did not pass the crossover has a fiscal note* it can still be considered for the remaining of the legislative session. It is also important to note that a bill that did not pass the crossover can be considered “dead”, but the ideas within the bill could still be incorporated to a bill that passed the crossover.


*A fiscal note means that the bill, if signed into law, would have a financial impact in one or more State agencies.


Immigration related bills that survived the crossover:

  •        HB 35
  •        HB 63
  •        HB 113
  •        HB 306
  •        SB 145



Contact your representatives:

Take a look at how your representative voted on each of the above bills and contact him/her either to say thank you or  to let them know you are disappointed they voted in support of these anti-immigrant bills. To know who you represents you visit:

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