El Pueblo Reacts to Temporary Injunction of Deferred Action

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Latino Community Members Express Disappointment and Eagerness for Change

El Pueblo Reacts to Temporary Injunction of Deferred Action

Raleigh, NC—Local Latino organization El Pueblo expressed dismay at the temporary injunction granted in favor of the lawsuit brought by Governor McCrory and others in the State of Texas v. United States. Iliana Santillán-Carrillo, Community Organizer with El Pueblo, said, “the lawsuit against President Obama‘s executive action not only wastes precious resources, but also instills fear and misunderstanding amongst immigrant community members who have been preparing to apply for the deferred action programs.”

“This ruling will delay justice for thousands of families in North Carolina and across the country. This decision is a setback, but it is not by any means the end of the road for the new deferred action programs.”

Jazmin Mendoza-Sosa, Meredith College student and El Pueblo youth leader, is  “extremely disappointed that the Texas judge decided to halt the President’s Executive Action.” Nevertheless, she believes that “this is just a bump on the road. The immigrant community of North Carolina will come together and continue to stand up for what is right.”

Despite the disappointing news, Santillán-Carrillo urged individuals who are interested in learning more about the deferred action programs to continue to gather the required documentation. She said, “El Pueblo, along with various organizations will ensure that North Carolina’s eligible immigrants are well informed and prepared to file their documents as soon as this temporary stall is through.” On Friday, February 20th at 6:00PM, El Pueblo will hold a community forum in an effort to keep North Carolinians informed and discuss the recent events.


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