El Pueblo Statement Regarding NC House Bill 2

This week, HB 2 was approved by our State's General Assembly; a bill that serves as retaliation against cities like Charlotte that have passed pro-transgender bathroom ordinances. 

By acting out of spite, Our General Assembly is attempting to roll back decades of progress by eliminating every non-discrimination ordinance in the state, as well as removing penalties for those who violate our state’s bans on gender and racial discrimination.

This legislative body targeted immigrants with HB 318. They attacked our low-income communities with Voter ID laws. Now, they want us to point the blame at our transgender neighbors, friends and coworkers. 

This is not the North Carolina that we call home, and we will stand in love and solidarity with our allies tomorrow at the “Rally in Raleigh” in protest of this latest attack on basic dignity.

For information on the rally tomorrow hosted by Equality NC, please click on the link below.

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