May Legislative Update

El Pueblo is preparing for the General Assembly short session that begins Wednesday, May 16.   The short session is the legislative period in even numbered years in which legislator’s main task is to tweak the two-year budget legislators passed in the long session.  

While modifying the budget, legislators can vote on policy legislation that has passed at least one chamber in the long session and they can introduce new legislation that spends money, reduces money spent, raises taxes, or cuts taxes. 

El Pueblo is watching at least three bills that are of concern to the organization and its negative effects on immigrant communities in North Carolina, including Senate 145, an anti-immigration bill that passed the Senate and is now in the House.

El Pueblo staff met with the senior policy advisor to the Governor Roy Cooper in early April to discuss legislation it was concerned about, legislation that may require the veto of the governor.  Tuition equity was also discussed, including supporting materials and polls. 

House leaders say they want to adjourn the short session by July 1, because of the number of suburban and urban Republicans in tough election races this coming fall.  However, Senate leaders have not expressed a desire to get out in a short time.


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