November Legislative Update

The General Assembly has returned to Raleigh in October to deal mainly with legislation on dealing with redrawing district lines for judicial races and to dispose of vetoes by Governor Roy Cooper.  No legislation was considered during these legislative that is seen as an opportunity or direct threat to El Pueblo's legislative agenda. 

The latest redistricting of judicial districts is supposed to set up a January 10, 2018 legislative session in which constitutional amendments to the North Carolina Constitution will be considered.  If the constitutional amendments are successful during the January session, the constitutional questions will likely be on the November 2018 ballots.

One amendment under consideration is already state law.  If passed, it will cement in the North Carolina Constitution that the state is a Right to Work state.  This means employees that work for companies, in which the employees have voted to form a union, do not have to pay dues to the union but are required to be represented by the union.  

We are bringing this to the attention of El Pueblo supporters, because this constitutional amendment is being pushed by agricultural interest groups that are using every political lever possible to undermine the progressive work by Farmworker Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), a union of farmworkers that mainly represents Latinx workers. 

These are the same interests that were successful in passing legislation this summer that prohibits FLOC members from paying dues through payroll deduction.  

El Pueblo is following this effort and will be at the January 10 legislative session along with our labor union allies. 

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