Statement on DACA 9/5/17

El Pueblo is greatly saddened and disappointed in the President’s choice to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program, a highly successful program that has provided brighter futures for nearly 800,000 children and young adults nationwide.  This decision will cause irreparable harm to our communities and to the economy, as our friends, neighbors and coworkers will grapple with the possibility of being permanently separated from their families.  A majority of the youth who have been positively affected by DACA know no other home besides the United States and it is disheartening to see their president tell them that they are no longer welcome to build their lives here and enrich our country.  While this news is disheartening, it is not surprising, as other policies rooted in white supremacy and xenophobia continue to dominate the national and local policy debates. El Pueblo continues to believe in the strength, knowledge, and resilience of young people and will not let this setback deter us from continuing our work towards building strong communities where all are welcome and valued for their dignity as human beings.

Click here to sign our petition (based on a petition by NAKASEC) asking legislative leaders to pass legislation to protect DACA and TPS (temporary protected status) recipients.

Click here for 5 important things you should know about the DACA announcement from United We Dream.

Click here for a more detailed fact sheet from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Click here for a detailed description on current legislative proposals that would replace DACA from the National Immigration Law Center.

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