Visual Artists

Rolando Aparicio

Rolando’s handmade works are created from Amate bark paper, a material that comes from the bark of xalama, or “wild fig tree.” This paper was used by his ancestors to depict images of fruits, vegetables, etc, thus calling mother Earth to take care of her people and crops.  Today, the bark paper can be used to make various kinds of decorations, including lamps, paintings, picture frames, and much more, but not before asking permission first from Mother Earth.



Gina Barrantes

Gina Barrantes was born in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica but now resides in the United States and creates her artwork from her home-studio in Durham, North Carolina. Gina enjoys working in a variety of mediums, however oil on canvas and hand’built porcelain sculpting remains her preference. Most of her pieces evoke God’s creations and his interactions with mankind.

Gina Barrantes

Cornelio Campos

Cornelio Campos has lived and worked in his native Mexico, in California and in Durham, NC. His paintings include expressive narratives of his beloved hometown of Cherán and of his immigrant experiences in the US. /

Cornelio Campos

Eduardo Lapetina

Dr. Eduardo Lapetina’s life became a more colorful one after he retired in 2002. After a 35-year career as a world-renowned medical researcher and art collector, a dormant talent made itself known and he began painting. Today this native of Argentina has become an award-winning artist whose works are prized by art collectors around the world.

eduardo lapetina





Leticia Alvarez

Born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1973, Álvarez studied Arts and Education through Arts.  She also has a Master in Latin American Studies, History and Literature, from Virginia Tech. Her desire is to share her culture in the US,  a country that has given her so much.

Leticia Alvarez


Victor Palomino

Victor Palomino is an artist born in Bogota, Colombia. He moved to the United States in 1999 and established residency in Asheville, NC in 2001. Palomino’s work include curating the traveling exhibition “Our Stories, Our Voices” and the “CHIVA TOP” Project.


Victor Palomino


Jorge Zuluaga

I am a colombian born and raised artist who brought his gift to america . Been living in raleigh noth carolina since 2002, city where i have found
wonderful sources of inspiration. My act goes beyond visual impression
which comes to life in the eyes of its audience.

jorge Zuluaga

Jorge Ramirez (Jorafo)

Jorafo is a Costa Rican artist based in the United States since 1998. Since childhood, art has been his passion and with the passage of time has experienced multiple techniques such as watercolor, charcoal and pyrography, among others. He studied art at the University of Costa Rica and in private classes with painters JLLopez and Manuel Sanchez. His subject matter is diverse as well as his technique: From classical landscapes to wildlife not to mention the portrait as a major specialty. From multiple colors of watercolor to monochromatic of pyrography on various surfaces such as wood or leather. Noted for his realistic style to the fullest expression and detail to achieve a work of art unique and different. His work has been exhibited in different rooms in Costa Rica, Florida and North Carolina but his work has transcended many borders.

jose ramirez


Socorro Hernandez


Rich cultural influences and family experiences have played an important inspiration this artist’s journey. She grew up amongst a large family of talented and driven musicians, “musicos”. Creativity continues to be a resilient family tradition. She creates altars and personal shrines weaving ancient Pre-Columbian, Mexican-American and musical heritage themes in “Altares de Familia”. Her ceramic and mixed media sculpture relates to her experiences growing up in San Antonio, Texas and Los Angeles, California.  Born in San Antonio, Texas, she moved to Los Angeles at an early age and moved to North Carolina in 1996.  She completed Master's degrees from California State University, Chico and East Carolina University, Greenville in North Carolina.  Socorro is tenured Professor of Art at Fayetteville State University.

socorro hernandez

Francisco Loza - Arte en Estambre

Francisco Loza, originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, creates Cuadros Estambrados, or Yarn Paintings, using a special technique from his experience living with the Huicol Indians in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Nayarit and Jalisco. In addition to his interpretations of the Huichol Culture, Francisco also creates innovative yarn paintings that reflect Mexican Culture and traditions such as markets, pueblos, families, and holidays such as the Day of the Dead. His other styles represent the people of other countries such as the Caribbean and Africa. Francisco has exhibited his yarn paintings in galleries, universities, and museums in Mexico and in the United States. He has conducted classes to demonstrate his yarn painting technique. He managed a gallery in San Francisco, Nayarit, where he exhibited his work, along with Huichol. Currently, he teaches courses and creates new work and he divides his time between the Chapala area and Guadalajara.

F Loza Loza




Peter Marin


Peter Marin was born and raised in Mexico City. He has lived in San Francisco, Oakland, Madrid and New York City. He recently moved to Raleigh, NC. He received a BA from UC Berkeley and an MFA from Hunter College. Marin has been painting for 20 years, and exhibits both nationally and internationally in Mexico, Spain, California, New York City and North Carolina. His work is part of public and private collections and foundations. Marin supports various arts organizations by volunteering, fundraising and donating artwork or time.


WCPSS Student Art Exhibit

For the first time in seven years, El Pueblo Inc and Wake County Public School System team up to bring to La Fiesta del Pueblo a Student Art Exhibit, as part of our Visual Arts Exhibit. Here is a brief statement from Lisa Peszko, Art Instructor at Zebulon GT Magnet Middle School: "My Hispanic students take pride in their work. They flourish... It is the one place, the art room, where the language is universal and no pressure seems to interfere with their expression. They are free to feel, paint, sculpture, print, etc. They are emotional right or wrongs as far as the "expressive part goes." They perk right up many times and communicate with other students even if the verbal communication barrier is evident. Bottom line, they can fit in with no pressure. Many students excel, are very artistically gifted, and that also instills a certain amount of pride. Watching that makes me very proud as well, not only with my Hispanic students but with all of my art students. Art is so important to the development of all of our children and we need to showcase their accomplishments as often as possible."




Gladys Madauss

Gladys Madauss was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. She is currently working as a First Grade Teacher at Ravenscroft School in Raleigh. Gladys has exhibited her art work at several Elementary Schools in Wake County. She was a featured for Hispanic Heritage Month at the Office of Multicultural Affairs at UNC Greensboro.





Juan Manuel Cortez

Born in Colombia where he studied Fine Arts at the National University of Colombia in Bogotá. Juan Manuel earned a degree in Computer Art and Animation from the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh North Carolina in 1997. He has also taken coursework in web design at Wake Technical Community College. His artistic interests include working with various media, including clay, 3D computer graphics, photography and animation.



Coral Rodriguez

Coral es una persona apasionada por la vida, que ama a Dios, a su familia y a sus dulces amigos/as. Su mayor alegría es tomar fotos de los momentos más preciosos y emocionantes en la vida de las personas.  El objetivo principal de su trabajo es algún día traer su fotografía a todo el mundo para que todos/as la vean. Coral está feliz ya sea tomando fotos de una boda de una pareja durante la temporada de su dulce compromiso, de familias o modelos en alguna pasarela de alta costura y disfruta cada minuto de su trabajo. Le encanta lo que hace y está disponible para trabajar uno a uno con sus clientes.

David Sovero

Sovero is an artist who creates layers of rich color, offering us new forms, concepts, and elements of art, over many generations. David's Incan ancestral roots are saturated with thousands of years of Andean stylized figures. His everyday existence and relationships are intimately tied to his work. Shadowy, semi-abstract specters emerge from the darkness of his canvas. His surreal compositions and simplistic geometric forms are based on lines, textures, and many dimensions, giving freedom to his talent and creativity.




José Galvez

José Galvez is internationally known for his striking documentary photography of Latino life in the United States. A Pulitzer Prize winner, he has exhibited his work in galleries and museums here and abroad. For over 40 years, Galvez has used black and white film to create a powerful and unparalleled historical record of the Latino experience in America. As a Mexican-American, Galvez has the sensibility of an insider that is often missing in the voyeuristic nature of documentary photography. He is someone whose personal experience, love of family, and cultural knowledge have led him to capture the Latino experience with dignity, respect, and a deep understanding of the stories behind the images.



Alexandra Vargas

Alexandra works with medium density fibreboard and modeling clay. She paints with acrylics and is inspired by the art of Colombian women. She tries to bring Colombian culture into all her works. Some of the dolls she creates are made with other materials, such as porcelain and clay.

Yholima Vargas-Pedroza

Yholima Vargas-Pedroza is a native of Colombia. From a very youngage, Yholima was inspired by Colombian art through her mother, whomade a living by painting and occasionally performing traditionalColombian dances when Yholima was a child. After moving to Canadain 1997, Yholima became a recognized choreographer and dancer as well as an ambassador for world traditional dances. In recent years, however, Yholima started exploring her painting abilities in a more formal fashion. Today, you will be able to explore some of her work and a piece of her heart through her paintings.


Paul Wingler

Paul Wingler is a native of Indiana. After having taken photography classes at the Durham Arts Council, he pursued his studies at the New York Institute of Photography where he earned a certificate of graduation. Since then he has studied with various photographic artists at the East Coast School in NC. He also completed a five year study with Master Photographer and ASP Fellow Jay Stock, as well as other noted photographer. Today, Paul continues to teach, lecture and judge throughout the United States, and South and Central America.


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