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Picture of our lideres de salud members after a graduation ceremony. / Una foto de nuestrxs lideres de salud después de una ceremonía de graduación.


Líderes de Salud is El Pueblo’s signature leadership development and adult engagement program working to improve health and access to resources for the Latinx community. Through Líderes de Salud, El Pueblo trains Latinx community members as lay health advisors, or promotorxs[1], who in turn engage other community members in taking action to improve health-related services and overall access to these services.  The promotorx model is a strength-based, peer learning, and leadership development methodology that capitalizes on existing familial, neighborhood, and social networks. The role of the promotorx extends far beyond the disease-related functions of community health to a passion for human rights and social justice[2].

El Pueblo’s Líderes de Salud was first developed and implemented in 2004, and since then, over 200 promotorxs have been trained.

If you are interested in supporting our promotores and promotoras program, contact: Florence M. Simán at 919 835-1525 or via email at:

Lay Health Advisor Model:

To learn more about the lay health advisor model, check out the following documents:

  • National Council of La Raza - Health Care Disparities
  • New Mexico Border Health
  • Centers for Disease Control
  • Bishop, C. M., Earp, J. A., Eng, E., and Lynch, K. (2002). “Implementing a ‘natural helper’ lay health advisor program: Lessons learned from unplanned events.” Special Issue, Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities: Mapping a Course for Community Action and Research. Health Promotion Practice.
  • Eng, E. and Young, R. (1992). “Lay health advisors as community change agents.” Journal of Family and Community Health.



[1] In Spanish, language is gender-specific.  El Pueblo uses the gender inclusive term (x) to signify a member of the Latinx community, regardless of their gender identity.

[2]   For more information on the promotores/as model, see:;;





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